Opened daily: 10:30 - 19:30
from 3.9. open until 21:30

Since 2007 the Alchemist has been holding cultural-gourmet events. Among the regular events you can find:

A video from the Striped festivities

The term of these rituals varies. Apart from other attractions, this event is accompanied by attractions created exclusively for this occasion. In 2007 an exhibition called Masks presented eight artists, among whom were the notable Czech ethnologists PhDr. Jitka Staňková and prof. PhDr. Ludvík Baran. The exhibition also showed original masks by contemporary authors – masks from point and needle lace and many others. The carnival at the sweetshop was also accompanied by art workshops for children and “playful” adults. Blank masks to colour-in with crayons were offered as well.

Saint Valentine’s Day
On Saint Valentine’s Day – the saint patron of lovers – not only can you taste the delicious Valentine’s menu at the Alchemist, but you can also enjoy a special surprise. For example in 2007 visitors could try their luck with “Amour’s arrows” – under the supervision of an experienced archer. Each successful shot at the heart-shaped target was awarded with a fresh rose for the knight’s lady.

Saint Nicholas’ Eve
The Alchemist started a new tradition of celebrating St Nicholas Eve in the sweetshop in 2007. We offer you the possibility of spending this evening with your children in the company of sv. Mikuláše, St Nicholas, angels and devils. [see the poster]

Special events:
A tea party at the Alchemist, Chinese tea ceremony followed by a talk about tea, and Puppet shows

Events to come: