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The Motto: The quintessence of alchemy is weighing, blending and distilling ingredients from which noble substances arise.

The Roaster

pražírnaThe Alchemist coffee roaster was established in 1998 and can be considered as the restoration of a family tradition dating from 1885. At that time a chicory dryer (a coffee bean substitute) was built in Dolní Bučice, where a coffee substitute was made from it. Other products included vinegar and mustard. In 1922 a modern factory in cubist style was built in Kutná Hora, designed by the architect Moravec, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology for vinegar and mustard production. The company, under the Krupičkova hořčice brand, even won several international prizes. The factory was in operation until 1948, when it was communized. The founding of the Alchemist roaster is closely related to the family’s efforts of continuing the tradition of the First Republic’s quality and style. In the Alchemist Roaster, coffee beans are roasted in five-kilogram doses under constant supervision, which ensures optimal roasting of the beans. The beans reflect the skills and experience of the roasting staff, who must continually analyse the process of roasting with all senses to choose the right moment for achieving the best qualities of the beans. As a result, you can taste more than twenty blends of Ebel coffee, whose beans were roasted in the fire of our own Alchemist Roaster. We roast coffees off all provenances. In the Alchemist sweetshop you can buy both coffee beans and ground coffee, which we will grind to your requested fineness. If you choose a coffee blend from our selection, we will prepare the drink to your taste: espresso, latté, cappuccino, Viennese coffee, etc. (for more information see the drink list).


The Alchemist offers a wide range of loose teas. To achieve high standards and a large selection of all types of teas carefully chosen by us, we cooperate with several suppliers. The Alchemist offers high quality green teas, specialising in Chinese teas. The selection also includes black teas, both pure and aromatised, and herbal teas (also called non-teas). We also offer a visual aesthetic experience while watching the opening of a tea flower. In addition, there are several tea specialities which we offer, e.g. the white tea or the Snowflake, a high quality tea poured over with cold water. Selected loose teas are also offered for sale.


The Alchemist sweetshop offers a wide range of unique cakes made in small-scale productions which ensure the highest quality of ingredients and their careful use. The Alchemist’s gourmet stars include the Mont Blanc - a chocolate cake, the Adam and Eve – a chocolate cake with fig filling topped with a fresh fig, the Alchemist cake with prunes, dried apricots and raisins, which create a harmony of flavours together with whipped cream and dark and milk chocolate.

Original arts and crafts

The Alchemist cooperates not only the Scarabeus gallery, but also with individual artists. In our wide selection, we offer works by:

  • Tereza Kvítková - jewellery
  • Veroniky a Zbyška Hrubých - ceramics
  • Markéty Kvítkové - original playful textile toys
  • Mg.A Báry Bálkové - fine jewellery from beads
  • Blanky Smržové - eccentric glass jewellery
  • Chinese “personal” terracotta teapots

If you are interested in presenting and selling your artefacts in the Alchemist sweetshop, please e-mail us the photographs of your work at:

The sweetshop’s staff

Your comfort in our sweetshop is cherished by “the alchemists”, mostly university students who help to create the special atmosphere of the sweetshop.